Thursday, January 30, 2014

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My motivation for helping other people learn how to play the guitar EASY, FAST and FUN stems from the simple fact that I regret not having had the most optimal and efficient manner of learning when I was younger.  I can only wish that I would have had “me (now) teaching me (then)” when I was younger.  If only I would have had somebody to teach me how to play the guitar and sing when I was a child the way I teach my students now… uh, my life would have been much different… much better.

It is my passionate motivation to ensure that others do not go through the same unnecessarily long and confusing process that most people go through when trying to learn how to play the guitar.

There are some very simple, practical and common sense methods, strategies, approaches and, most importantly, “understandings” that can shave decades off of the learning curb.  Or, at least that is the process I have developed.  For instance, many people might play the guitar for several years and never really have a very good sense of rhythm.  I have a great sense of rhythm and the ability to play all kinds of great rhythms on the guitar.  I teach my private students in 10 minutes how to strum exactly like I can.  I have helped people that have been playing the guitar for many years who had a broken and sporadic sense of rhythm to instantly improve their ability to strum… actually, to strum just like me.  I also have the most optimal and efficient system for enabling people to play the guitar using a pick as well as picking with their fingers, rather than just one or the other.  I teach my students in 1 – 3 sessions how to instantly know and understand how to play more than 90% of all the guitar chords they will ever need to play.  And I convey the absolute most optimal and efficient manner of getting a person to understand improvisation using pentatonic modes combined with the blues note, major and minor thirds and the major scale modes, all wrapped up in one, which I frequently refer to as “The Mike Singer Method” for improvising.  All of this and much more is included in The Mike Singer Guitar Players Guide.  You can get IMMEDIATE ACCESS NOW to the greatest guitar lessons ever devised at:,, and

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